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Investor membership

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SUCH is currently working on starting  an investment fund that will raise AU $56 million. over the next three years. The minimum  investment will be AU$100 per year for three years.  With options to continue investing or invest larger sums after three years


Ideally we would rather have many people invest small amount to spread the risk. There is always risk involved in all investments.  It is about sharing the opportunity to many not the few


What are we wanting to fund:


  1.  A timber prefabrication manufacturing plant  to construct more affordable homes. - COST:  AU$34 million with a 12,000m2 site on the North Coast NSW completion in 2021
  2. Design and build a 600 affordable homes over three years starting in 2019  These homes will be included in community developments. The homes and developments will include long term rentals with an option to purchase after 5 years. This will provide ongoing funding to build more community developments.
  3. Invest in the energy infrastructure to build upon existing community energy projects. This will be an important part of the local energy development as we move away from carbon based fuels to mix of  renewable energy.


What do you receive with membership


Discounts on:

  1. Sustainable, energy efficient products, professional services, design consulting from SUCH developments and all our collaborative companies that work on our projects
  2. Sustainable and green events promoted by SUCH Developments
  3. On workshops that help and educate you to create  your own sustainable lifestyle, home, and community


Monthly Newsletter on people, companies , products and services who are in collaboration with us. Also, receive information on our projects  and opportunities


Over the next three years with the help of members, you will become part of a community that will be working towards creating sustainable futures built around low impact sustainable urban community developments.



We give an unconditional guarantee that if you do not receive 10 times the value of your membership over one year we will give your money back and a additional one FREE year's membership.


SUCH's goal is  to build trust, integrity and  value for all we associate with. We look for people who have to the same values philosophies and aspirational goals as us.


ON OUR WISH LIST: -   is to set up a Lottery  of a 100 low impact energy efficient homes per year. Anybody who invests has the opportunity to be in ten drawers a year  to win a new low impact, energy efficient home or to renovate an existing home. The value of each draw in the lottery will be of the value AU$600,000. (amount to be confirmed)


This would also be increasing the stock of homes that are low impact and energy efficient.






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